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Effective Website Content

What is Effective Website Content?

Effective Website Content is a badge of distinction we can give to any web page (or website) that follows our Effective Content guidelines.  We have developed a 32 point checklist that identifies conversion shortcomings in any given web page.  The fewer the shortcomings, the more effective the web page; and the more effective the web page, the greater the conversion ratio.

How did Montana Banana Web Development develop this list?

Montana Banana Web Development wanted to know the answer to the question “What makes a web page more effective than another?”.  The first topic we started with was studying the question “How do people learn online?”.  After all, ALL websites are imparting information with the aim that visitors ‘learn’ it.

So, how do people learn online?

Simplifying this question leads to these six possible ways that contribute to a visitors’ learning pattern.

  • Reading Text
  • Imagery (eg. Looking at pictures)
  • Social
  • Non-social
  • Data (eg. Statistics, Tables, Charts, etc)
  • Passively (eg. Video or podcast)

If you want to download our 34 point Effective Website Content checklist…

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Otherwise, click below and stay tuned to our blog for more great posts on effective website content.
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