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Montana Banana is a certified Magento Developer

developerMagento is our primary solution for clients who need an e-commerce, online ordering, or catalog-driven website. It’s is a mature platform that focuses on advanced marketing tools and flexible customization. From attracting visitors to retaining customers, Magento has features to benefit e-commerce businesses at every stage. In the past five years, more than 150,000 merchants have deployed Magento, including many large-scale retailers. With such a large merchant/developer community, Magento’s foundational code and quality of extensions is constantly improving.

Some of Magento’s e-commerce benefits:

  • Magento has a solid set of features out of the box
  • Magento has an impressive open source community that contributes
  • Magento customization is straightforward
  • Magento, the company, pays attention to possible security holes
  • Magento, the company, is backed by eBay

Montana Banana has extensive experience with Magento and can help oversee your deployment. We have been doing web development for companies in the Seattle, Washington, and nationally since 1996.

We can oversee all stages of your project, including:

  • designing a front-end UI that reflects your brand, is clean/professional, and works well for both desktop and mobile devices
  • selecting an appropriate hosting environment, based on your bandwidth, stability, and security needs
  • installing the core Magento codebase
  • adding vetted/stable Magento modules where appriopriate
  • doing custom Magento programming and Magento development
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and workflow management for launch
  • managing site launches
  • ongoing development work and feature request management
  • marketing, SEO management, and Google Analytics oversight

Our CTO/Owner, Joe Oppegaard, is a Magento certified developer.

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