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Lindsey FireSense

A website designed & developed for the only system specifically created to provide rapid wildfire detection of very small wildfires


FIREBird, created by Lindsey Systems USA, is a small but mighty product. A brand-new tool specializing in rapid small wildfire detection, FIREBird needs a flexible, visually appealing, and informative website. Focusing on the features and functionality of FIREBird was a necessity.

We partnered with Hansen Belyea for a flexible eye-catching visual design that also highlighted the intense photography we wanted to showcase on the site.

The site also needed to be able to grow with the brand as the product evolves and is introduced to the world. This means flexible content types and ease of use for site admins. The WordPress platform combined with beautiful visual design helped us do exactly that without sacrificing any functionality.

Our Solution

WordPress provided the perfect base for the balance we were looking for—it’s efficient to set up and allowed for custom content types that could be used to add to the site as the company grows. With a focus on growing an email list for interested audiences, we also set up an integration with MailChimp.

It was also important to consider how mobile users would navigate the site, so we focused on mobile-first responsive development as we built out the site.

One last key? Deliver early and often. We wanted to get the site working as fast as possible, so iterative launches with incremental additions helped us meet milestones and rapidly build success on top of success.