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Apex Learning


Screenshot of Apex Learning
Screenshot of Apex Learning


Per client requirements, allow an existing Drupal CMS share course content with an existing Wordpress CMS to allow courses to be sold and paid for online.


Identify hosting/sharing barriers in a virtual IP environment. Understand specific course catalog, filtering, and ecommerce needs, recommend best searching/filtering options and conversion flow. Communicate pros/cons of likely methods of project direction to let client make an informed choice. Arrange Drupal and WP on the same server and IP address to allow WP to pull from Drupal while keeping Drupal as the Master catalog DB and WP as the only 'marketing' DB.  Code the site to be responsive.  Advise on design inconsistencies.  Use DB tunneling in a LAMP environment and just the right amount of WP plugins.


This is what we call 'heavy lifting' in the coding industry. Drupal and Wordpress don't easily 'talk' to each other. The difficulties in getting multiple URLs to connect directly to two separate sites on the same IP address on the same server takes serious patience and testing. MB successfully completed the phase I project and the following year, made it responsive per their new marketing specifics. Montana Banana aims to support Apex Learning for years to come.


  • Wordpress
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Content Management
  • Drupal