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Bordeaux Wine Locators


Screenshot of Bordeaux Wine Locators
Screenshot of Bordeaux Wine Locators


Give wholesale customers an efficient way to order from Bordeaux Wine Locators via their website using purchase orders that tie into Bordeaux Wine Locator's legacy systems. Create a system to track different types of customers and grant specific levels of access to such information as current wine inventory levels and prices. Allow registered users to create wish lists of wines not in inventory, but which they would like to purchase in the future. Allow authorized Bordeaux Wine Locators employees secure access to confidential information from remote locations via their website.


Use XML data transfers to push inventory information from Bordeaux Wine Locator's internal MS Dynamics database to the website. Establish a "Master" database to guard against the possibility of information and data loss scenarios. Create a shopping cart and permissions-based website using PHP/MySQL.

Montana Banana brings enthusiasm and excitement with every new project, their design team is excellent. The Montana Banana Project Coordinator assists you every step of the way when starting a website. We value the work they have done and they truly built an awesome website.

Chris Priamos
IT Manager


Bordeaux Wine Locator employees can now see their inventory levels and price lists from anywhere in the world - as can high-value customers with the proper credentials. Sales people have leveraged real-time access to their wine inventory information to increase sales. This tool has improved company sales and decreased sales person time spent waiting for this same information.


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