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ESS Departemnt Rep


Screenshot of ESS Departemnt Rep
Screenshot of ESS Departemnt Rep


Build a system where Sales Reps can easily sign up and check their sales numbers.  Integrate with parent site at ESS Eyepro to manage Sales Rep-specific online sales.  Create reporting system for accounting department to accurately cut monthly Sales Rep checks and report.


Design in ESS brand.  Define workflow with both diagrams and text descriptions.  Establish formula for Sales Rep commissions.  Create Content Management System (CMS) to allow ESS Admin onboard new Sales Reps and manage existing ESS Sales Reps.  Integrate with parent site by using DB tunneling protocols as well as XML and scheduled cron scripts.  Quality Assure (QA) with custom scripts and attempt to break security barriers.

The ability Montana Banana showed in facilitating our needs and keeping us on track was amazing. We are proud with our choice to use Montana Banana, and will be proud to continue using them in the future.

Steve Dondero
VP Marketing


This is a great example of heavy lifting Montana Banana coding and Montana Banana Project Management.  The project was expertly defined and executed.  This tool allows ESS significant increases in sales with far less effort than before.


  • SEO
  • E-Commerce
  • Design
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Security