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Ignite Video

Screenshot of Ignite Video
Screenshot of Ignite Video


Help the Ignite Tech team build their API so their iOS Mobile App can communicate with the administrative account for each user.  Build line graphs and an administrative system where Realtors can discover how well their videos are gaining social traction.


Perform gap analysis to identify the bridge that needed to be built within an aggressive time frame.   Establish a phased approach to launching when the sales team needed functionality completed.  Keep detailed notes comparing expected budget to actual budget for weekly scope reviews.  Montana Banana cracked the whip on deliverables and deadlines to ensure new features that would have otherwise delayed the project were identified and placed in their proper phase launch.  Use XML for the API.  Use php/mySQL and jQuery for line graphs and administrative system.  Integrate with Facebook and Twitter for end user scheduled sharing.  Utilize Stripe payment gateway to charge members on a recurring monthly basis.

We were always extremely happy with the work Montana Banana did. We’d give them some really hard timelines, and they never missed any timeline.

Shawn Yapa


This was one of the first video networks to allow users to schedule an automatic posting (on Facebook or Twitter) of a user's video.  Ignite hit the phased launch schedule the sales team needed.  The entire Ignite team is grateful to Montana Banana for our organizational and technical capabilities.  They relied on our expertise and were glad they had us.

"[Ignite] is extremely satisfied with Montana Banana Web Development's work. Especially notable is Montana Banana's speed with tight deadlines, and their ability to take milestones and scheduling very seriously. The client is very pleased with the quality of work delivered and would highly recommend Montana Banana to others." - Interview of Ignite by independent third party research company. Click Here to read more.


  • Subscriptions
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mobile API
  • GitHub
  • Version Control
  • XML
  • Video Analytics