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Okuma Fishing


Screenshot of Okuma Fishing
Screenshot of Okuma Fishing


Establish competitive advantage.  Implement catalog/shopping cart system for complex transactions. Integrate YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


The competitive advantage of Okuma begins with their passionate user-base: Freshwater and Saltwater fishermen (and women).  Push the message that THEY are the reason this brand is so special.  Do that by featuring crowd sourced images and messages heavily on the homepage from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Take over the project from a different coder to complete the e-commerce end in a LAMP environment.


Okuma is thrilled to see the new site showcasing GREAT photographs of avid fans and sponsored fishermen.  They can foster their social networks and know the results of YouTube, Facebook and twitter will show instantly on their homepage.  Sales have increased after launch as a result of the new site.


  • SEO
  • E-Commerce
  • Design
  • Social Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Analytics