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PPI Group


Screenshot of PPI Group
Screenshot of PPI Group


Identify the competitive advantage of the PPI Group.  Craft language and User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) to best present that competitive advantage.  Organize all content for best conversion to both educate the user and allow access to the calendar for enrollment.


Competitive advantage discovered: The PPI group expertly merges Architecture, Construction, and Engineering.  Tell that story in an obvious place and compelling manner: The homepage centerpiece using imagery and text.  Organize remaining content around this advantage while keeping in mind conversion goals: show users new events and get them to the Training Programs area.  Create textual content voice cohesively throughout site.


The PPI Group is excited about the site.  The leadership of PPI is engineers who understand that the way they communicate is ineffective in creating a marketing message that will not only drive traffic to the site, but capture and convert the attention of their visitor.  PPI has been happily utilizing Montana Banana Web Services since 2006.


  • SEO
  • Design
  • Content Management
  • Analytics