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Sundance Cinemas


Screenshot of Sundance Cinemas
Screenshot of Sundance Cinemas


Help Sundance create a new-brand extension different from, but related to the Sundance Film Festival brand based on an entirely different business model. Support this new bricks-and-mortar entertainment concept with a website that allows consumers to familiarize themselves with the concept and facilitates their enjoyment of it. Collaborate with third-party vendor to integrate theater management software to enable both consumer facing and back-office functionality.


Interpret the separate Sundance and Sundance Cinemas brand profiles to create a unique online brand that would embrace the existing brand equity, but also bring new dimension to the Sundance family of brands. Integrate with Ticket Sales POS API to allow for online sale of reserved ticket seating. Utilize Content Management System (CMS) to allow Sundance staff to add news, sponsors, and other related content to their site from a web browser in real time. Create a site architecture that accommodates future locations, products and services for the Sundance Cinema business.

This has been the most perfect experience with a web company I could ever imagine.

Nancy Klasky-Gribler
VP Marketing


Montana Banana Website Development has been the sole web partner of Sundance Cinemas since their inception in 2006.  Our ability to efficiently structure new content and grow with Sundance Cinemas increasing technological needs makes us uniquely suited for this client.  Since launch, Montana Banana Web Development has added a suite of new functionality utilizing SOAP, REST, other XML-centric languages, and of course LAMP stack centric work.