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TimeLife Books


Screenshot of TimeLife Books
Screenshot of TimeLife Books


On a tight deadline, assist the TimeLife team in updating their website code, servers, and payment processing system for increased PCI compliancy.


Lead multiple teams to implement the PCI compliance plan created by Secure Anchor. Implement and organize the solutions with the server hosting company, TimeLife, and Secure Anchor. Keep detailed notes about each solution for a clearer audit. Create a custom Ruby script to handle encrypting and decrypting data. Update Ruby on Rails (RoR) back end website code to seamlessly call the encryption/decryption code in a way that only a small portion of the site had to be updated. Ensure that all MySQL communication was done securely over SSL.


The TimeLife system has improved site security. Montana Banana delivered all work in scope, on time, and within budget. The TimeLife team is thankful that Montana Banana was able to quickly take on this project, work entirely in the current server setup, and ensure that the goals were all met within the time line needed.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • Encryption
  • PCI Compliance