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University of Washington Urology

Screenshot of University of Washington Urology
Screenshot of University of Washington Urology


Montana Banana listens first: The University of Washington's Urology department is consistently ranked as one of the top Urology departments in the country, both for their leadership in research as well as the doctors that choose to practice there. They wanted their website to reflect their reputation and standing in the medical community.


Create a Brand Platform: Brand the site to accommodate the department's broad usability needs, for a diverse audience of patients, doctors, donors, staff members, researchers, and potential students. Visit different departments within multiple facilities to discover problems the website could solve. Prioritize this list and organize accordingly.

Organize and rewrite all marketing copy. Establish traffic metric tracking to measure usability and effectiveness.  Set conversion goals.  Utilize LAMP Stack codebase to build site and fulfill goals.


Montana Banana Website Development's mega drop down navigation menu allows users to easily access deeper parts of the site with clarity.  Users who simply want directions now have easy access to that link.  Users who want a deeper understanding of the research or maladies can easily find areas of study, professors, and research information.

The University of Washington Urology Department loves their new Content Management System (CMS). Various site metrics measured before and after launch confirm this new site launch is significantly more usable than the last.