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Web Design

First, let us un-mince words with a note about Design v. Development:  Website Design is different than Website Development.  We have an exceptional DESIGN team.  Our Montana Banana Web Design team makes your site look amazing, takes into account site goals and establishes conversion metrics to make everything you SEE act as efficiently as possible.   We also have an exceptional DEVELOPMENT team.  The Montana Banana Web Development team makes everything inside your site workseamlessly.  If you have a project that requires heavier lifting coding and functionality, you should seriously consider Montana Banana.

The aesthetic of your website is an extension of your brand. It is imperative that the emotional impact of your website is aligned with the products, services, or information that you present to your visitors. Further, the interface through which people access your information must convert your visitors and Call them to Action.

Our User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) experts study conversion principles and research.  Our Art Director studies the changing patterns of ‘what monitor visitors are using’ and ‘how the code can better present your message.  We know what is going to work for you AND look like you need it to look.

Our site effectiveness program is designed to maximize your site’s marketing effectiveness in a planned, phased way that matches investment with return. We follow online best practices in order to optimize usability, conversion and function to generate leads and retain and grow customers.

  • Define the role and objectives of your website to integrate with your overall marketing communications program.
  • Making your site easy and enjoyable to use through applying principles of best practice usability.
  • Ensuring your site delivers maximum value to meet the needs of prospects and customers at every stage of the purchase process.
  • Maximizing your site’s ability to convert anonymous visitors into interested prospects and customers with multiple calls to action that match their varied needs.
  • Set up and continually review of detailed site analysis to track site marketing results in real time.
  • A methodology that allows you to leverage in-house web skills or outsource to us as needed.
  • An affordable monthly program of services and deliverables that continually develops and enhances your site in line with your objectives, resources and results achieved.

Need an awesome looking website?

Get in touch and let the experts design one for you.