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CodeIgniter is a PHP web application framework built for rapid development. The MVC (Model, View, Controller) development pattern sets the stage for reusability and modularity which is easy to maintain and extensible. The framework makes the code easy to understand and build upon, which is ideal when a team of developers want to collaborate on a project.

What makes CodeIgniter great?

1. MVC Framework
By following the CodeIgniter way of doing things produces clean code separations and keeps things organized.

2. Built-in Features and Tools
Things like email, validation, file and image uploads, sessions and debugging are all built in, out of the box.

3. Database Abstraction
With out of the box support for MySQL, MySQLi, Postgre, SQLite, among others, CodeIgniter can connect and securely work with nearly any major database system.

4. Active User Community
CodeIgniter is well documented, and supported by a community of developers who have experience with the framework. An active community means that new and updated extensions are readily available which means fewer features have to be written from scratch.

Naturally, a web project is much more than just a framework. At Montana Banana, our experts know how to leverage each technology to deliver an outstanding end product that looks and works great. By leveraging this framework’s strengths and the vast user community, CodeIgniter is an excellent solution for getting your project up and running quickly.

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Web Design

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