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Magento (aka, Adobe Commerce)

Our preferred ecommerce platform for most situations is Magento (now re-branded as “Adobe Commerce”).

We have been using Magento for 10+ years. Our Magento certifications and experience with Magento cover all aspects of the codebase:

  • Magento system architecture
  • front-end UI design
  • backend development
  • API and system integrations
  • speed optimization
  • custom Magento module development
  • security features
  • fraud detection

The default “out of the box” install of Magento provides most of the ecommerce features that our typical clients need. It is a great starting point for businesses that want to lay the foundation for future growth and possible feature enhancements over time.

Magento (aka, Adobe Commerce) is the ideal ecommerce platform for most medium sized businesses.

We typically have 2 types of Magento projects:

  • fresh installs from the ground up
  • overhauls of existing websites that we’ve inherited

Regardless of your background or company goals, we are ready to work with you on any aspect of your Magento project.

  • Magento (aka, Adobe Commerce) has a strong commitment to security
  • Magento has a solid set of features out of the box
  • Magento has an impressive open source community that contributes to the codebase
  • Magento customization options are vast and powerful
Certified Experts

Our own Joe Oppegaard is one of Washington State's top 3 Magento Certified Developers

Magento Certification