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Manage your Web Developer Better

There are countless stories of Web Development projects gone wrong, and we have heard them all.

Read our 9 page PDF to learn:

  • What to look for in a Web Developer
  • How to best structure a Web Project
  • What to pay attention to during each phase of the Web Development project
  • How to set the important expectations–such as Deadlines.
  • How to properly plan your project

Save heartache, time and money

The goal of this document is to help you keep your sanity and avoid going over budget by preparing you for your upcoming or current web/mobile development project.  I will break the process down into phases, and give you advice on what to expect from each phase and how to be proactive about the various aspects of the project/relationship.

Our 9 page whitepaper will help orient you with your project and help you build a foundation for a cleaner, more efficient Web Development project.

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