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Montana Banana Web Development has built websites using Joomla since 2009. We recommend Joomla for any site that needs to ‘do’ something for our client. Examples of ‘doing’ include process management, authenticated and paid access to different areas of the site, and/or integrating with an existing system located elsewhere. Joomla is a reliable Content Management System that can always be built to work harder for you.

Like its brethren WordPress and Magento, Joomla is an open source solution with a huge online community of coders constantly coding it to be better. Also like WordPress and Magento, the core leadership of the code is well organized and thoughtfully discriminating. In other words, if a contributing coder submits some code that doesn’t support the core functionality, that code is not included in a base install. Joomla offers just over 7,000 of these contributed codes–called Extensions–to enhance what we can do for you more quickly. We know what to work with.

Web Design

Web Design

Our team of certified experts will make your website attract and retain customers... and look great.