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There are two parts of each web or mobile project that require a solid framework: the back-end, which runs on the server, and the front-end which is what your visitors see. jQuery is a JavaScript Library that is key in making the front-end of your website pop.

jQuery is a library that manipulates the HTML Document Object Model to simplify client-side scripting of HTML and CSS. In short, it’s the tool used to create fancy centerpieces and interactive, animated elements you see in the web browser or mobile app.

Why jQuery?

1. jQuery is Intuitive
With simple selectors, syntax and coding standards, jQuery makes interacting with the DOM quick and easy.

2. Animations like Flash
Between HTML5 and CSS3 features and jQuery, developers can create nearly any animated and interactive user interface imaginable, which used to require Flash.

3. Fast Loading
jQuery is a library that has to be loaded. Luckily, it is available on multiple CDN’s around the world to help expedite loading.

By leveraging modern coding practices, HTML 5 and jQuery, the sky is the limit when creating an intuitive and interactive website or mobile app. jQuery helps make the user experience animated and interesting.

Web Design

Web Design

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