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Adobe PhoneGap (or Apache Cordova) bridges the gap between web applications and mobile devices. It allows developers to turn a standards-compliant web application into a mobile app for Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

Why PhoneGap?

1. Single Codebase for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
Since PhoneGap builds a web-based application as a proper mobile app, there’s no need to have a separate codebase for iOS and Android. By utilizing the PhoneGap libraries, it’ll just work on multiple platforms.

2. Easy to Test and Deploy
Export a built to instantly test in xCode, Android or Windows emulators or on devices.

3. Active User Community
Other developers, and libraries available from Apache and Adobe, make interacting with device features a simple task. There’s a library or plugin for nearly anything you might want to do, fully tested and well documented.

At Montana Banana, we know websites. With the help of PhoneGap, anything we can build can be made into a mobile app, ready for any of the multiple mobile platforms and devices.