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Fidalgo Bay Coffee

Fidalgo Bay Coffee gets a makeover by seattle website designers has launched their new site.   They call themselves “The Bean Whisperers”.  We believe it.  We taste their coffee and as high-quality coffee drinkers, theirs is up there with the top-tier coffee roasters of the world.

As for the site, there are clear calls-to-action.  We are seattle website designers after all.  With help from their branding team, we married their improving brand assets with motivating visitors into action.  Primary actionables are

  1. Buying their coffee on their site
  2. Subscribing to their monthly delivery service

Buying Coffee on

One challenge we had was on the product listing page — that page that lists all the products (see above).  Originally built with FoxyCart, the natural layout of the page defaulted to long text at the top and a ‘click here’ link below every product image.  We trimmed the text and changed ‘click here’ to ‘Buy This’.  Those two small changes will result in significantly more users making it to the next page.

Subscribing to the Fidalgo Bay Coffee Club

We are big fans of the monthly delivery service.  As their customer, you put your trust in them to send you the best coffee for your preferences at a discount.  As their webmasters, we entrusted a WordPress back end to manage the subscription service, catalog and fund collection.

Visit Fidalgo Bay Coffee

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