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TeedHaze: A Lesson in Rapid Deployment

With a mind for innovation and the will to see their clients’ succeed in the volatile and ever-growing San Francisco Real Estate market the TeedHaze Group continues to set themselves apart as the premier luxury Real Estate Group in the Bay region. This is evidenced by their $1.3 Billion+ in total home sale transactions annually and their continued dedication to growth and progress!

After successfully launching the new website, we worked with their team of innovators to develop a backlog of feature requests and improvements; At the top of this backlog were the following items:

New Developments Map

Wanting to showcase the hundreds of current housing developments in the San Francisco region, TeedHaze asked our team to design a filterable front-end User-Interface to allow end-users to quickly locate new and upcoming developments.

SOLUTION: An interactive dynamic map was cloned from the existing Sold Properties page, customized with custom icon sets, and retrofitted with custom fields to accommodate the client’s needs.

Pocket Listings

The TeedHaze Group’s Concierge Service includes pairing potential buyers with Exclusive Off-Market listings. Our client needed a way to showcase and tease their pocket listings in order to generate qualified leads.

SOLUTION: Our team used the existing platform, extensions, and style guides to quickly deploy a simple interface that maximizes user interaction and conversion across all platforms.

Coming Soon Listings

Not all listings are created equal. In order to pre-market listings TeedHaze needed an internal rapid deployment model for their listings that would allow their team admins to update details (video, images, price, virtual tours, description, home features, etc.,) as they became available.

SOLUTION: In order to streamline the listings from “coming soon” to “live” we simply added a flag in the CMS, and added conditional statements in the code to hide each listing’s detail allowing our client to update details and push the listing to live seamlessly.

Other minor improvements included: Language Selector

Using Google’s Page Translation, we improved the style of the language selector to be more cohesive with the site’s design.

Main Navigation Updates

Adding multiple pages to an existing site is a task in itself; allowing the end-user to easily navigate to and from these pages is another.

SOLUTION: Before the initial iterations were launched these items were identified and accounted for in the backlog allowing our team to accommodate navigation and design revisions with little impact on the overall budget and timeline.

Our team deployed a split/sub-navigation option for Listings utilizing existing design styles and CSS.

Homepage Featured Mosaic Slider

TeedHaze needed the ability for their administrative team to quickly add a set of 6 images and automatically generate a mosaic slideshow on the homepage.

SOLUTION: We sourced the PhotoMosaic plugin from the WordPress extensions page and, with the help of the developer (Terrific Support, BTW) we were able to more tightly control the look and feel of the PhotoMosaic gallery, loop it into a slider with multiple featured properties while maintaining the Responsive Design features.

Using this continuous improvement (Agile) model we were able to design, develop, and deploy this iteration of feature requests in a relatively short development cycle: 4 weeks. This process is ideal for digital projects and helps organizations remain engaged with their audiences. With regular feedback from the client, adjustments & improvements were implemented throughout the development cycle–end result: Success!

And as Benjamin Franklin observed,

“Without continual growth and progress…Success [has] no meaning.”

Whether your website has grown stale over the years or your team is constantly striving to innovate and improve we’d like to hear your thoughts. What your website innovation cycle looks like?

Mac McCabe

Mac is the lead Project Manager for Montana Banana.

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