I woke up to another great article in my inbox, “When And How To Redesign” from Smart Interface Design Patterns. The article advocates for a thoughtful redesign process, akin to the careful nurturing of a garden, where changes are introduced gradually and organically.

Taking some inspiration from Candace, our greenest banana, who intertwines the art of gardening with the craft of website design and development. Candace, with her unique blend of gardening passion and tech expertise, exemplifies the ideal balance in the design and development process. Her proficiency as both a developer and a designer, coupled with her sage wisdom from the garden, offers a rich source of inspiration and guidance.

Website redesign, done right, involves the engineering team early and often like a harmonious dance between the designers’ vision and the dev team’s pragmatism (and hubris!), crafting a site that’s both a visual feast and a functional marvel, akin to a beautifully cultivated, bountiful banana garden.

Designers, like artists, paint the dream, crafting visions of digital beauty. Developers, the practical gardeners, till the technical soil, ensuring these dreams take root in the realm of possibility. Their early involvement is like having a wise old sage in the garden, foreseeing storms and droughts, guiding the design to fruition.

Together, they spin a web (site) of both allure and pragmatism, ensuring not just a pretty fa├žade, but a sturdy structure that stands the test of time and user clicks. Have a design project that needs a developer’s eye? (hit us up!); is your dev team lacking in frontend UI/UX skills (we do that too!); need some help in the garden? (not really something we do, but I’m sure Candace is willing to lend some thyme(ly) sage advice.



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