Montana Banana Blade Buddy™

Today, let’s dive into a common web design conundrum – the allure and pitfalls of having too much control over your website. It’s a bit like being handed the keys to a sports car when you’ve only ever driven a scooter. Exciting, but potentially… messy.

The Problem: A Tangled Web(Design)

Picture this: a freshly minted website, sleek and polished, launches into the digital world. It’s the epitome of your brand’s identity – clean, coherent, and classy. But then, the reins are handed over: plugins are added willy-nilly, layouts are tweaked, and slowly but surely, the website devolves into a hot mess of half-baked design elements that render inconsistently across devices rather than a cohesive brand statement. Each page becomes a standalone art project, often straying far from the original brand’s colors, voice, and aesthetic.

The Culprit: Too Many Tools

Enter the world of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ page builders. Think of WordPress themes and Wix-like platforms, where the world (of design) is your oyster. They offer freedom, yes, but with great power comes great… design disasters. Clients, in their quest to personalize, often end up with web pages that are the digital equivalent of a crowded, neon-lit billboard.

Ever seen a website where the mobile view looks like it was an afterthought? Or a flashy background video that screams for attention but forgets to be accessible? That’s what happens when brand consistency takes a back seat. The result? A confused audience, a diluted brand message, and sometimes, a website that loads slower than a sloth on a lazy Sunday.

The Solution: Montana Banana Blade Buddy™

More commonly known as our “blade-builder” system the Montana Banana Blade Buddy™ is a suite of structured design elements that allows clients to build beautiful on-brand landing pages and modify existing site content with ease.

We collaborate with our clients to deliver a set of cleanly designed, well-structured, interchangeable building blocks, instead of a complex set of tools you’ll likely never use. Our MB Blade Buddy™ system is the perfect blend of control and guided assurance, allowing you to navigate your site’s design terrain with confidence and precision.

Quick, efficient, and always on-brand – that’s the promise.

The Real-World Impact

Deconstructing these websites is often like disentangling a Rube Goldberg machine, where what should be a straightforward task is complicated by 12 points of logic and overrides, where just one would suffice. This over-engineering not only accumulates tech debt but also multiplies the potential points of failure. Each unnecessary layer of complexity significantly inflates the costs and time involved in debugging and troubleshooting, much like solving a puzzle where every piece triggers a new, unexpected reaction. Broken responsive breakpoints, sluggish performance, and the ever-looming threat of unintended downtime are just some of the cascading consequences we regularly navigate on inherited site builds that use Divi, Avada, Bakery and other drag-and-drop WordPress builder tools.

Chief Banana OfficerFun Fact: Chief Banana Officer, Stewart, a fervent admirer of race cars and a staunch advocate for safety, dreams of one day taking our team to the DirtFish race tracks outside of Seattle. It’s a passion that mirrors our approach to web design – exhilarating yet secure, adventurous but with a keen eye on safety & structure.

In that spirit, take our structured approach for a virtual lap around the track. No strings attached – just an open invitation to discover how effortlessly and efficiently you can steer your website’s content, with us as your co-pilot.

Take it for a Spin

There you have it – a journey through the highs and lows of website design, where sometimes, less really is more. So, ready to take the wheel? Let’s drive your brand towards success, without any detours. 🚀



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