ESS Eye Pro

As a division of the world’s largest eyewear retailer, vision is a non-negotiable for ESS. As the ballistic eye protection provider for America’s servicewomen and men, military, police, and firefighters, the stakes are high and excellence is a must.

The ESS website has to live up to the quality of its eyewear.

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The Challenge

  • Build a Magento-based site that rises above competing platforms in providing best-in-class e-commerce.
  • Focus on mobile-first responsive design, because when you plan well for the contingency details the primary objective is stronger as well.
  • Deliver early and often. At Montana Banana, we work to get your site working for you as fast as possible, then improve, improve, improve.
  • Today the U.S., tomorrow the world. The saying goes “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” In constant assessment of conversion goals and the rising bar that goes with them, we partner with the client to expand multi-store functionality that takes into account differences in currency, culture, and commerce. As the company grows, so does the site’s potential.

The ability Montana Banana showed in facilitating our needs and keeping us on track was amazing. We are proud with our choice to use Montana Banana, and will be proud to continue using them in the future.

Steve Dondero / VP Marketing / ESS

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