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Fidalgo Bay Coffee


Screenshot of Fidalgo Bay Coffee
Screenshot of Fidalgo Bay Coffee


Improve the flow of the site to education users about where to buy.  Improve the brand to live up to the quality of the product and company.  Improve the monthly coffee subscription service.


Analyze existing traffic records to learn where users were frustrated with the site.  Work with new Fidalgo Bay Coffee brand director to form a cohesive brand and conversion path.  Advise best practices for monthly membership subscription services. Consolidate systems used and set up streamlined and efficient order and fulfillment process.


Success.  This site was built on a LAMP stack using WordPress and a few important plug-ins like FoxyCart and PaidMembershipsPro.  This project was a perfect reminder that all plug-ins do not always play well together.  The monthly coffee club subscription service is significantly easier for clients and administration.  Fidalgo Bay Coffee is excited to see such an effective representation of their brand alive on the web.


  • Wordpress
  • E-Commerce
  • Design
  • Content Management
  • Analytics