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Web & App Development is not a one-time resolve–functional and visual updates should be done regularly–at the least reviewed against current design & development conventions. To accomplish this effectively and maintain brand relevance requires cautious, intentional, and regular data analysis.

Montana Banana works with our clients in a variety of ways to improve overall conversion, user experience, and inbound traffic. Below is a high-level overview of the analytics service offerings we provide to help our clients succeed:

  1. Setup eCommerce Tracking
  2. Track & Analyze Marketing Goals
  3. Setup Conversion Funnels
  4. Event Tracking setup and analysis
  5. Custom Filter & Dashboard Configuration
  6. Link Analytics to Webmaster Tools
  7. Link Analytics to Adwords
  8. Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion Analysis

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The Montana Banana development team can help optimize your site for better page speed.

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Our SEO Experts are Google Certified. We deliver solid long term gains in traffic following code & content-centric best practices.