CEO and Founder

Stewart McCullough

Stewart founded Montana Banana in 1996 in his garage (well, in his living room actually). Although he was a web designer in the early days, he is now much more skilled at posting funny and helpful comments on our internal Slack channel.

Stewart now focuses on managing the Montana Banana systems, removing roadblocks, scanning for production bottlenecks, and doing system analysis for certain projects. Stewart has a BA from Pomona College, and has lived in Seattle since 1995.

In his personal time, he enjoys being a dad, playing board games, ping pong, stop-motion animation, LEGO projects, swimming, yoga, running, and reading Carl Jung.

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Oppegaard

Joe started his career on the technical side of things, running tech support for an Internet service provider (ISP). Over the course of the past eighteen years he has actively contributed to the development of a wide array of web projects and, as an avid member of the Open Source Community, he is the primary author of a number of tools popular with Linux administrators. Joe is adept at managing complex projects and his deep understanding of the development process is an asset across a wide variety of Montana Banana client projects.

He likes to play his nylon string guitar, travel through Europe, work on old cars, and hang out at the fire station.

Joe is a Magento Certified Developer.

We are the Experts

A team approach

Montana Banana has the right combination of business experience, technical knowledge, and artistic vision to make your company’s website stand out visually and provide you with the web-based tools to make you more efficient.

We are a team of mature experienced computer geeks with an orientation towards online marketing and solving business problems. We are conversion experts who leverage technology to help businesses meet their various goals.

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Project Manager

Mac McCabe

Mac has been successfully managing magazine and web projects since the early 2000s. He is currently pursuing certifications as a Magento Certified Solution Specialist, PMI-ACP®, and PMP®. His larger-than-life personality does take some getting used to, but his focus on marketing, sales, and traffic analysis coupled with unparalleled dedication to his clients’ success guarantees Mac will get the job done and get it done right.

Mac has the following Google Certifications: Adwords Mobile, Google Analytics &  Mobile Sites.

Senior Developer

Jason Kenison

With a background in both design and development, Jason is able to merge multiple aspects of a project together. A web project or mobile app is more than just an eye-catching design or a well built codebase. Jason has been building websites on a variety of platforms for over 20 years and has seen the industry grow and change into what it is now.

Outside of work, he spends time with his son, collects vinyl records, plays video games, and is obsessed with anything related to Star Wars.

Project Manager

Chris Matthias

Chris comes to project management from the non-profit sector. While working within values-based organizations he planned, orchestrated, and completed projects ranging from optimizing the minutia of daily operations up to advocacy at the United Nations. He also spent three of those years doing corporate responsibility work helping Fortune 500 companies innovate to avert risks to ethical business and sustainability. In recent years he conducted a tech audit of Washington State’s progressive non-profits to identify strengths and avenues of improvement.

His core philosophy in project management is that work should be fun and deliverables should be held to the highest standard.

He enjoys writing, hiking, parkour, swimming in extremely cold water, and talking endlessly about Twin Peaks.

Senior Developer

Matt Johnson

Matt started his career in marketing as an installer for a full-service sign shop. He grew more familiar with taking art and turning it into something physical, from small stickers and backlit signs to vehicle, bus, and even boat wraps. He quickly worked his way into the art department of that company and eventually was the head of their website division. Matt took that opportunity to become a master of front and back end web application design and development.

Matt is always looking for new ways to leverage his 15+ years of experience to improve on existing technologies as well as creating some of his own.

He enjoys living in Seattle and has many hobbies from small electronics to woodwork and metalwork—anyone that knows Matt knows he is always innovating or creating the next great thing.

Art Director

Claire Chalfen

Claire is a multidisciplinary designer and art director specializing in creating brands, identity systems, print and digital collateral, advertising and UX/UI for online and mobile websites and applications. With over 20 years in the field, she has worked with small and large clients in fields ranging from technology and banking to fashion and food.

She is passionate about her role at Montana Banana pushing us all to think, question, argue, collaborate, implement and assure the highest standards of quality.

WordPress Developer

Patrick Jackson

Patrick has been developing software professionally since 1997 when he was a graduate student in computer science, working on NASA funded research. He worked as head of IT for a small technology startup for 7 years, and later took on a project management role in a corporate setting where he became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

In 2013 Patrick started working on a WordPress project with a designer friend and fell in love with building websites for clients. Since then, he has been thrilled to continue this passion, working with a network of talented designers and developers, building fantastic sites and helping clients achieve excellence. Patrick is active in the WordPress community, contributing to the open source project, helping to organize events, and working to build the skills of new and advanced users alike.

Web Developer

Cameron Dana

Cameron started building websites at the age of 13 and would exchange websites for In-N-Out burger. At 18 he began working at Fearless Records designing print ads, CD artwork, websites and flash e-cards. He began using WordPress in 2005 and since then has built hundreds of websites for artists like Steve Aoki and companies like Oracle.

In his free time Cameron enjoys recording music, playing the guitar, chess, & ping-pong.