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We advise our clients to use WordPress if they have information-only needs AND they know they already like the Content Management System (CMS) admin panel. Without question, the WordPress admin panel is the sexiest and easiest to use. Also, WordPress begins to have a harder time with transactions and management features than do its open source competitors. WordPress has been around since 2003. For the first few years, it was the most recommended blogging software for your blogging website. The open source community surrounding WordPress knew there was so much more it could do. This huge community completely overhauled the code in an effort to make it easier for coders to build ANYTHING on top of the CMS. This custom code is typically packaged for use by other developers either for free or for a fee. There are roughly 28,000 plugins we have access to (that is a LOT).

This all leads up to a 2011 award for WordPress of the Open Source App of the year . Montana Banana Web Development employs veteran WordPress contributing coders and knows when to use (or when to discourage use of) WordPress.

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