To learn more about why and how you should care about your site’s response time, read our introductory chapter.

Case Study: Sundance Cinemas

Sundance Cinemas is a movie theater chain that aims to showcase independent, documentary and foreign-language films as well as studio projects. The website offers information about upcoming movie showings and online seat selection and ticket purchasing.

The goal of the website tuning was to make the website load a lot faster to improve the user interaction and increase web sales.

Before any modifications the site:
After site speed modifications:

Some notes on the speed modification done:

  • All Javascript and CSS files were minified
  • All static files were put on the CDN except for 2 dynamic Javascript files and Google Analytics
  • 3 CDN sources were used
  • The site was written to pull from a random CDN
  • All .htaccess changes previously mentioned were made
  • Sprites and Database caching was not used
  • There are still Inline styles and Javascript inside the site

Case Study Conclusion

With using most of the methods mentioned earlier, the site is now loading almost 12 seconds faster. By spending a few more hours we should be able to get the load the site down to 1 second or less and at the same time can use even less server resources. Fine tuning your website can save your visitors time browsing, attract new visitors, and rank higher in search engines which will all increase ROI with higher conversions.



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