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Big Fish Games: Mystery Case Files


Screenshot of Big Fish Games: Mystery Case Files
Screenshot of Big Fish Games: Mystery Case Files


Extend this beautiful brand Big Fish Games created into an informative and interesting website that explains what to expect in each of the Mystery Case Files titles.


Get as much illustrative work from Big Fish Games--in addition to their brand description--as possible.  Digest the brand.  Establish the expected game info per game.  Configure site to show both Games and Books (it is a lot harder than it sounds).  Recommend the Conversion points and Calls to action (CTAs).  Build, as required, in HTML5/CSS3/PHP and no Database.  All site content is managed in a single config file.


Hit the nail on the head.  Our creative director does it again!  Big Fish Games greatly appreciated Montana Banana's ability to meet their brand, tight deadline, and budget.


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