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Snowmass Village Map

Screenshot of Snowmass Village Map
Screenshot of Snowmass Village Map


Allow visitors to Snowmass Village, Colorado the ability to preview proximity between Accommodation, Dining and Retail in a tablet App setting. Allow reporting of what venues get the most attention.


Illustrate/draw a map of the village for Snowmass.  Optimize for iPad, port into Android tablet.  Connect App record details from the Content Management System to the App.  Lock down content during the 'season' and update every off-season.  Establish traffic reporting to understand which venues get more attention, and which are contacted through the device.  Utilize Node.js, Phone Gap, Apple developer network, HTML5/CSS3.


Great Success!  Visitors who have never before been to Snowmass Village now have a very clear understanding of 'what is where?' and 'what each location provides'.  This trumps the functionality Google Maps could ever offer if for no other reason that Google Maps disorients the user regarding elevation v. bearing direction.


  • Mobile App
  • Design
  • Content Management
  • iOS App
  • Android App