Need a Scapegoat? Not sure who to blame? We'll tell you!

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Need a Scapegoat? Not sure who to blame? Let us handle it for you.

Using a combination of various mystical reagents, a magic 8 ball, and an all-seeing eye, Scapegoat will figure out who on your team is to blame for any woe you might have. Just let us know what they did, and we will figure out who “they” are! Scapegoat is magical! Scapegoat is never wrong!

… And if it is wrong? Well…

/scapegoat broke scapegoat

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.39.49 PM

Damn you, Mac!

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Privacy Policy

Scapegoat only stores the required information to access a list of your team members. This includes only your team name and team ID. When the Scapegoat command is used, we fetch a list of currently online Slack team members, their names, thumbnails of their picture, and their user ids. None of the user information is stored after the command has ran. Scapegoat doesn’t store any information about your team members or the horrible, horrible things they’ve done.